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We carry a large inventory of locks for any need, from door and patio, to high security, stand-alone access control and more. The Lang's Locks team are expert locksmiths that can install or repair any lock, and if you need lockout service, they are here for you 24/7. Lang's Locks is fast, effective and affordable. Contact them today!

Home Locks

When safeguarding your home, it's wise to upgrade your locks every few years. Thieves often find new ways to subvert old locking mechanisms. Lang's Locks offers a huge inventory of quality residential security locks that will secure your belongings and give you peace of mind. Should you need a lock rekey or repaired, the job can easily be done at prices that you'll love. Contact Langs Locks Today for safe lock security service.

A Family Locksmith Business

Door Locksmith CincinnatiLang's Locks began in 1976 as a gift from my father to my brother to help support him in life. My brother became a pipe fitter and left the business to me, which I have done since. Over the years, I learned the business by actually doing the business. In 1988, we moved to Batesville, Indiana. There was an 84 year old man in Batesville that had a locksmith business. He wanted to sell the business, so I bought that business with all his tools, equipment, and customer base. He continued to work with me for over three years, and I learned more from him than I had learned on my own.

Jim Lang, CLR moved to West Chester, Ohio in 1993. Jim started working with a local locksmith company in Springdale and worked with them full time from 2005 to 2008 and continue to work with them. Jim Lang learn something from the business everyday and you benefit from that over 35 years of knowledge.

Alicia, our daughter, had cystic fibrosis and received a double-lung transplant at Cleveland Clinic. She became an angel one month after the transplant, 12 days before her 21st birthday. Our son Nick also has cystic fibrosis. Currently he is playing tennis at Northern Kentucky University as the only NCAA Division I athlete to have cystic fibrosis. Even though Alicia passed away in March 2013 and Nick is not as severe, we still have financial issues from their medical expenses. So your money is not only going to a locksmith business, but is helping a family in need.

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